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Alternate Bicep Curls

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This video showcases an animated character performing the exercise with proper form, emphasizing the muscles that are being activated during the movement. Use this video to understand how to perform the exercise correctly.

Key Features:

  • Demonstrates proper form for alternate bicep curls
  • Highlights the muscles being targeted during the exercise
  • Included green screen for easy incorporation into your own projects
  • Available in 1080p, 4K resolution, and as a transparent gif
  • White, gray, and green backgrounds are available
  • Lifelike animation and smooth camera movements for a professional look
  • Close-up shot. 

What's Not Included:

  • Exercise instructions
  • Medical advice
  • Customization of the animated character or exercises
  • Audio or music tracks

Permissible Use:

  • Use the video for commercial purposes.
  • Modify and alter the animation.

Prohibited Use:

  • Distributing or reselling the animations
  • Using the video for illegal or illicit purposes

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