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video production studio with green screen background
What is a Green Screen?
A green screen is a tool used in video editing to create special effects and backgrounds. It uses a green (or sometimes blue) background that can be replaced with a different image or video. The video editor can “key” out the green (or blue) backgrou...
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Hip drive exercise showing tricep muscles working
Muscle Reveal Animations
Revealing worked muscles in fitness animations is an important animation technique for conveying motion and illustrating the progress of physical motion. Instead of showing the worked muscles throughout the entire motion, the muscle-reveal technique ...
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Moving camera tracking character animation
Moving Cameras in Animations
Camera movement is an essential part of animation and can contribute to a much more dynamic and engaging experience for viewers. With camera movement, animators can direct the audience’s attention and control the pacing of their storytelling. Animato...
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a photo of a professional camera recorder
Close-Up Animations
What are close-up animations?Animation is the process of creating a sequence of drawings that move from one picture to another. A close-ups animation is a type of animation that zooms in on an object to show its details. It utilizes the technique of ...
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