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video production studio with green screen background

What is a Green Screen?

A green screen is a tool used in video editing to create special effects and backgrounds. It uses a green (or sometimes blue) background that can be replaced with a different image or video. The video editor can “key” out the green (or blue) background and replace it with the desired background image. This is a great way to create interesting special effects and backgrounds! For example, if you shoot a video in your living room in front of a green sheet, you could then use a video editor to change the green color behind you and replace it with a beach scene or a magical forest. Fun!

A chroma key is used to create this effect. To use chromakey, you need to have two cameras on set. One camera will capture the actors with a green layer in the background, while the other captures another scene, where you want the actors to appear.

Then, you simply overlay the footage captured by the second and first cameras. You can then cut between the two scenes at the appropriate times to make it look like the person is in a certain place, like on a moon for example.

How can that help you when working with fitness animations?

You can use green screen fitness animations to make characters appear as if they are working out in any environment of your choosing. It also gives you more freedom to combine different videos and make them all appear as if they are all exercising in one place. The possibilities are limitless.

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